Not only can high levels of stress have a negative impact on your social life, they can also have a significant effect on your health and general wellbeing. Constantly being stressed around friends and family can often lead them to change their opinion of you, leaving your social life dampened and kicked to the ground, but that is not the only effect it is having on you. There has been countless studies which verify that high levels of stress can lead to several health issues, some worse than others, and some even fatal. Let’s take a look at some of the common health issues associated with stress.

When people are affected by high levels of stress, the first symptoms tend to be mild and hard to spot. Things such as headaches and colds are illnesses which you don’t usually associate with stress, but these are just a couple of examples of the many mild side effects of stress. If stress levels are not reduced, then the severity of the symptoms will worsen, leading to problems such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • Hair Loss
  • Gum Disease
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Ulcers
  • Cancer

To spot and prevent the risk of developing any of these problems, it is always a good idea to speak to a medical professional if you have any suspicions at all. Spotting the signs of high stress levels could mean the difference between a relaxed life, and a problem filled one. Most of the time, your local doctor can diagnose you with high levels of stress and can point you in the right direction as to how to reduce them.

Good ways to decrease your levels of stress is to learn tension-taming-techniques and learn ways to avoid stress causers. Obviously, there are things in life which cause us all to stress, and that is completely unavoidable, but there are several parts of our lives which can be avoided, and these are the ones which tend to cause the most damage. Things such as time, relationships and sleeping patterns are a few examples of things which can be changed in order to prevent excess stress building up.

If lowering stress is your goal, then learning tension-taming-techniques can definitely help you. Examples of these techniques include yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises and positive imagery. All of these techniques can help lower stress when it is at its highest, by simply relaxing your body and sending it into a care-free state. Each of these tension-taming-techniques can be self-taught and can be implemented anywhere, so no matter where you are, if stress is building up, don’t hesitate to stop it!

In some rare and extreme cases, the levels of stress which people put themselves under is too much for them to deal with, and as a result, mentally related stress disorders may develop. These types of disorders require medical attention, and herbal remedies are usually diagnosed in these cases. If you feel that stress is taking over your life, never hesitate to speak to a doctor. Taking care of stress at its earliest will prevent you from experiencing the worries of dealing with a possibly life-threatening problem, so try to take control as soon as possible.

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Researches regarding obesity show that being overweight has direct connection with the mental health, body image issues and some of the hormonal imbalance tendencies. So the question stands that is being underweight worse? The answer is yes. Obesity doesn’t refer to be overweight only. It is about being underweight too. The effect of this abnormal health on mental situations can be ignored at once, but at times this may lead to frustration and depression.

Yes! People suffering from obesity are more prone to many mental disorders. At some stage it could be anxiety, again at some point it may be depression or aggressiveness. People make jokes about the obese people and laugh at them, make mimics of them. Persons having strong heart may take over the awkward situations for a certain time period but it can’t always be the same. This may decrease self esteem, increase social discrimination. This in turn would restrict the sufferere to mix up with the society. He or she is expected to lock him/ her within the four walls. This may lead to severe mental imbalance like suicides or criminal actions.

Obese men and women are lesser physically active. Both in the social life and personal life they are inefficient and slow. This means they are far away fromthemselves due to the obesity. The whole life would come under the shelter of obesity and this tendency might make them the biggest enemy.

Physical activity allows blood circulation, means more pure blood, and means higher metabolic rates, means feeling more fit and encouraged. But all these are absent in an obese, which means the mental health has direct impact of its own. If the physical exercise isn’t there, then the all the body organs which work at their best with regular exercises such as lungs, heart, kidney, gastric system would get damaged with time.

Severe symptoms like high blood pressure, heart attacks, leg swellings, respiratory diseases etc are more likely to be seen in the obese people. We have discussed so long on the side effects of obesity. But still we need some ideas about how it happens. If we know about the cause to a disease then we can prevent it to come to us rather than going for treatment and spending bucks for it.

One of the important causes is hormonal imbalance. You can observe some people that they would not have consume that much of food but still they are obese beyond expectation. This is the effect of the hormones. Anyhow whatever and how less they would be consuming, the hormones conserve almost all of them to the fats and store them. That’s why we can some of the teenagers to be very thick while at that age any child should be lean and thin. If any teenager or child is getting obese then the parents should visit the physicians.

It happens at times that if the patient is suffering from a trauma that needed a long time bed rest ten the person gets obese. But after getting out of the bed and continuing the normal life, that person still finds difficult to get back to the previous shape. This is the side effects of the high dose drugs being used for months.